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Do you need help or advice about which product to choose?

All of our products have their own strengths and weaknesses, but to answer the question of "Which is best for me?" you need to decide if...

1. You're adding your text or design directly onto an existing surface (e.g. a window, a wall, a vehicle, an existing rigid sign).

2. You're in need of a new, rigid sign to fix onto a wall, fence, wooden posts, or another solid surface. 

Category 1

If you're in category 1 above, then you're likely to need a self-adhesive graphic to stick over the top of your existing surface. We offer a wide range of different self-adhesive graphics for all kinds of different surfaces and requirements.

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For the majority of our self-adhesive graphics we print your design directly onto your chosen self-adhesive material. Examples include Printed Vinyl Graphics (printing onto gloss white or matt white vinyl), Metallic Vinyl Graphics (printing onto metallic silver or gold materials) and Clear Vinyl Graphics (printing onto a transparent vinyl). These are three of the most popular self-adhesive products we sell, but there are also many more specialist materials to choose from including Window Graphics, Wall Graphics, Floor Graphics and Printed Frosted Window Graphics. With all of our self-adhesive products, we can cut your design into any shape or size, or even contour cut around the design itself.

The other type of self-adhesive graphics include Vinyl Lettering & Cut Vinyl Logos and Frosted Window Graphics. These products are not printed with your design, but instead your design is cut from a coloured or frosted material and the waste parts of the design are removed before we send it to you. We apply application tape over the top to keep each part of the design in the right place before you apply the graphic to your chosen surface.

Category 2

If you're in category 2 above, then you're likely to need a rigid sign. Our sign guide will help you to decide which of our rigid sign materials are best for your requirements:

Sign Guide: Which material should I choose for my sign?

The sign guide describes the benefits and differences of each of our signage materials in a bit more detail to help you decide which material will be the most suitable for your requirements.

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Still unsure about which of our products are best for you?

Just give us a call on 01790 75 58 58 and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you and talk you through our product range.

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Popular Products

Aluminium Dibond Signs

Full colour, digitally printed aluminium dibond signs. Premium quality, strong and lightweight. Fully weatherproof including strong winds. Ideal for permanent indoor and outdoor use.

Correx Signs

Full colour, digitally printed correx signs. Correx is the most cost-effective rigid sign material and is suitable for indoor and temporary outdoor signage. Lightweight and weatherproof.

Window Graphics

Digitally printed static-cling window graphics. Applies to the inside of a window using static. Easily removed with no sticky residue.

Foamex Signs

Full colour, digitally printed foamex signs. Foamex is a hardwearing, weatherproof rigid sign material that is low cost and available in multiple thicknesses.

Metallic Vinyl Graphics

Digitally printed self-adhesive metallic vinyl graphics. Choose from a range of silver, gold and rose gold metallics including brushed and chrome.

Banners & Mesh Banners

Full colour, digitally printed PVC banners and mesh banners. Perfect for promoting your business or event on a large scale. Waterproof and weatherproof with eyelets included for free.

Health & Safety Signs

Choose from over 2000 safety sign designs from 35+ categories. Choice of Correx, Foamex, Dibond and self-adhesive materials. Change to any size and even add your own text or logo.

Clear Vinyl Graphics

Digitally printed self-adhesive clear vinyl graphics. Your design is printed onto a waterproof transparent vinyl with white ink printing available.

Printed Vinyl Graphics

Digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl graphics and large-format stickers. Excellent durability even when situated outdoors.