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Magnetic Signs

  • Strong, vehicle-grade magnetic attraction
  • 0.85mm thick material
  • Easy to remove or reposition
  • Water resistant
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Magnetic Signs

Digitally printed removable magnetic signs. Strong, vehicle grade magnetic attraction that you can remove as often as you like.

Magnetic Signs (also referred to as Magnetic Stickers, Magnet Stickers or Magnetic Vehicle Signs) are a fantastic temporary signage solution usually used on commercial vehicles. Magnetic signs only "stick" to ferrous metals (metals that contain iron) such as steel. Whilst most vehicles have steel body panels, some more specialist vehicles are made from carbon fibre or fibreglass and will not be compatible.

All of our magnetic signs have the following benefits:

  • Full colour, high resolution digital printing
  • Strong, vehicle grade magnetic attraction
  • 0.85mm thick magnetic vinyl
  • Water resistant
  • No setup or design fees

Care Information

Tips for the correct use of magnetic signs

  • The surfaces of both the metal and the magnetic signs must be dry and free of dust.
  • It is important that magnetic signs are removed regularly, ideally every two or three days, cleaned, dried and re-positioned onto the metal surface.
  • Hold the magnetic sign above the appropriate surface and let go (place carefully); do not slide (prevents scratches). Avoid placing the sign on contoured surfaces. All edges must be in contact with the metal surface.
  • Do not apply over decorative mouldings or sharp contoured folds.
  • Avoid using the sign on newly painted surfaces, as solvents in the paint can cause the sign to "stick" with possible damage occurring.
  • Never apply the magnetic sign to a newly sprayed, painted or polished surface; let the paintwork harden properly first. Clean with a mild detergent only; never use aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Do not forget the target surface; a layer of dirt considerably reduces the magnetic adhesive power. Make sure all surfaces are always clean.

  • The magnetic sign must be stored against a flat metal cabinet or wall (never against a heater or a contoured surface), to avoid the sign gathering airborne ferrous dust.
  • Do not leave it loose in a vehicle; the material may become deformed.
  • Do not roll up tightly, always very loosely with the magnetic side facing inwards (printed side facing outwards).

  • In summer temperatures where there is continuous use of the magnetic sign on a vehicle over many days, under certain conditions they may become stuck to paintwork. To avoid this risk, the magnetic signs should be removed when not being used or at night. During the day take off the magnetic plates at least once and re-attach them.
  • If the signs are attached to surfaces of vehicles which have obviously been filled or sprayed several times, this will considerably reduce the magnetic adhesive power.
  • The plastic film is sensitive to pressure; handle with great care.
  • Cracks and tears can occur only as a result of careless handling.
  • We will not acknowledge claims for damages or consequential loss resulting from non-compliance with the above points.

Technical Information

To view the technical datasheet for this product, please visit our technical datasheets page.

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) process to print all logos, text and background colours onto the magnetic substrate.

Pantone® Colours
If Pantone® colours are used in your design we will use the CMYK Pantone® matching system to print your magnetic signs using CMYK inks. Please note: There are many Pantone® colours that cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colours. If you use a Pantone® colour that cannot be matched it will be converted to the closest CMYK colour available.

Please Note
All email orders will be given a PDF proof before production. Orders placed on the website will be approved as part of the ordering process.

Product FAQs

How are the magnetic signs supplied?

Our magnetic signs are supplied individually.

Do you offer metallic background options?

Our Magnetic Signs are printed on a matt white magnetic vinyl. Unfortunately, metallic backgrounds are not available for this product.

What is the minimum and maximum size for a magnetic sign?

Minimum size: 5 x 5mm
Maximum size: 1700 x 1100mm
Radius corners: Optional (square corners or 2mm+ radius corners recommended)

What shapes can I choose from?

Our magnetic signs are available in almost any shape you can think of. On our website you can choose from: Rectangle, Square, Circle, Diamond and Oval. Once you have chosen your shape you will have full control of the width, height and corner radius (if applicable) to tailor it to your requirements.

Alternatively, if you need a custom shape or need the magnetic sign contour-cut around the edge of your design / logo, you have two options:

1) You can choose "Custom" as the shape when ordering and upload your image/design file(s) online. You can then add the product to your shopping cart and checkout online.

2) Please email us, attach your logo/design and explain your requirements. Our graphic designers will be happy to put together a design for you to approve.

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